Sunday, November 23, 2008

reading from "Winter Poetry"

a winter morning

a rippling field of snow
shaking with honeyed love
and squealing through despair.
whilst hot lovers cavort playfully
in shades of green with silver trim
time sleeps peacefully in strange virtues.
the morning sun draws red flushes;
the snow ground lies in fields of white
while bloody sunrise awakens across the horizon.

the gusting wind nudges tactfully
preying with outright longing
and lying determinedly in cold desperation.
whilst chilly winter cavorts
into chilly air,
and daylight strikes in orchestral splendor.
morning paints magenta filigree,
day ripens
as night at last coldly fails.

a child rants dramatically
rambling with tossed dismay
and groaning brightly in glee.
whilst searing candles laugh merrily
the stars to their heavens,
and this season dreams in anger.
the winter’s sun spreads in blinding pigments,
life continues to grow beneath hardened ground
and a single snowflake melts
a teardrop sliding down my windowpane.

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